Dvadaria BRands private limited holds the right to sell Acriv, L3ATH3R and EboWrite products globally.

We strongly believe in giving back to the environment, hence most of our products are made of recycled and upcycled materials.

Acriv products are not only made with recycled materials, it’s also hand-made. The Acrylics are also hand-poured making each and every pen one of a kind. We’re known for our titanium nibs, that are notoriously old-fashioned. They are folded and not tipped giving the end-user a true-blue titanium writing experience.

Our nibs are processed with a hand carved dye, and are known to write extremely well and effortlessly on paper. Titanium is known to be corrosion resistant making it appropriate for even the most troublesome inks. Our titanium nibs to have a bit of springiness to it, enhancing the writing experience.

We,ve also taken our nibs to the next level with an electric anodising process where we’re able to achieve an array of different colours. You can now match these nibs with pens to completely enhance the look.
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